FaneLam is a material manufactured at BUDZIRKA's facilities. For its production high-quality moisture-resistant birch plywood which is laminated by thin HPL plastic with application of glue on a water basis with moisture resistance of glue on a water basis with moisture resistance of D3 or D4 is used.

Most often the material is used for:

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Educational and preschool institutions
  • Catering industry
  • Outdoor furniture (seasonal use under a canopy is allowed)

Sheet size: 2500x1250 mm Thickness: 7.5 | 10 | 13 | 16 | 19 | 22 | 28 | 28 | 31 | 41 |

Features of the material. The use of fine HPL in the material to create laminated plywood FaneLam, allows you to make furniture, decor and wall decoration.


Due to the properties of birch plywood used for the manufacture of FaneLam, the material is able to withstand significant loads

Geometric stability

The panels do not lose flatness under the influence of temperature, humidity and loads

The ends do not require edging

The properties of the material allow you to leave the end in its original form, without the use of additional edges