Our knowledge of the furniture industry and many years of experience, and most importantly, our high results allow us to share with the world expertise in all processes of production of HPL furniture, their sales and marketing, marketing, IT support and related niches.

For furniture production of various directions, architectural and design bureaus and other companies of related segments, we offer the service BUDZIRKA CONSULTING in the following main areas:



You can order a full package of services from us, or optionally.

  • Company marketing audit / Actualization of the main tasks
    (depending on availability)
  • Develop a strategy or adjust an existing one
  • WEB marketing
    (e-mail, SMM, PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, etc.)
  • Design and WEB design
  • Printing industry
  • PR communications
  • Event marketing of any format,
    according to the task
  • Production of demonstration stands

You can order Consulting from the whole package of services, or optionally.
You can also order any of the listed services or package and our marketing department will perform it for your company. The cost is calculated individually.

Department contacts:

tel: UA +38 097 101 8731

tel: PL +48 579 28 45 15



Areas - consultations, staff training, outsourcing.

Preparatory process

Writing control programs for CNC machines

Basic processes

Processing and technological processes with HPL on machines in production conditions with the use of high-tech productive equipment in the following areas:

  • HPL processing features and potential usage
  • Production of TABLES from HPL
  • Sinks from HPL - design, preparation, production
  • Plumbing cabins - design, preparation, production
  • Fanelam, processing processes and potential for use

Processing and technological sequence with HPL hand tools.

  • HPL features hand tools
  • Video tutorials for working with HPL power tools, as well as demonstrating the ease of work at home.

Department contacts:

Tel: +38 067 720 3131



Study and analysis of the company's information infrastructure

Accounting audit

Study of the processes of collecting information on the company's activities, data processing and preparation of company reports.

Security audit

Study of elements of information infrastructure related to company security: security of access to systems (access channels, secure passwords), personalization of user accounts, compliance of user access rights with the company's structure

Audit of management subsystems

Study of business process management elements of the company.

Creation of technical tasks (project documentation)

Preparation of documentation, for tasks, for technical specialists (developers) in a language they understand, the documentation includes a description of the data structure of interfaces for input and output information (examples of interfaces), data storage structure and flowcharts of data processing algorithms

Control of technical tasks, project management

Control of conformity of the performed work according to the technical task. Direct execution of technical tasks and implementation.

Department contacts:

Phone: +380502068874